Something To Put Your Head At Ease!

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I can’t count how many times I sat on a plane, train, bus and even movie theater seats, and cringed at the thought of all the hair oils, dander and bacteria that has accumulated over time in that very seat. It’s like sitting after the SoulGlo family from Coming to America, GROSS!!! Can you imagine? All the years of buildup in the head rest of YOUR seat.

In light of the coming summer months, it is important as frequent travelers to make sure you are keeping yourself and others healthy. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray can only clean so much.  That being said, we’ve had the opportunity to experience a useful travel product that is geared toward making sure you keep yourself and others protected from potential scalp diseases and bacteria lurking on your airplane seat. I present to you, the HeadDefender!

Some features include:                                                                              HeadDefender 3.png

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Much more…

The HeadDefender inventor, Keely Watson, has taken great care in designing a product that is suitable for all travelers, young and old alike. We had the opportunity to speak with him directly and get the scoop on the product that has taken the travel world by storm. His passion for travel and service towards ensuring travelers like himself are healthy and worry-free, can clearly be seen through this intricately crafted HeadDefender. “I wanted to make sure that choosing between traveling and being healthy was never a choice anyone has to make…” says Watson. It is compact and light weight, which makes it easy for you to bring it anywhere with public seating. The next time you sit in a seat without a Head Defender think to yourself “If I sit in this seat, I’m accepting everyone this seat has been with”. HeadDefender 2

So ask yourself, what hygienic procedures can I take to protect myself from harmful microbes that lurk in public places? As travelers, we are exposed to germs and bacteria as we move from place to place. It is important to make sure your travel experience in a safe and healthy one. With its compact design, the HeadDefender eliminates challenges with accessibility when space is limited, especially for the over packers.

So where can one purchase a HeadDefender? I’m glad you asked. The HeadDefender is sold in various stores along the west coast and online at . Don’t worry east coast travelers, we will be seeing this product in stores very soon.

Special thank you to Keely Watson and  LamontPR.


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